Where to Elope in Kansas

In this location guide, You will learn the best locations to elope in Kansas. Elopements can be done anywhere, it can be at a state park, national park, an airbnb and even your own backyard. Elopements are very unique to each couple. Whether you decide on an out-of-state elopement or choose to stay close to home, you can do what feels right to you. When it comes to elopements, always do it your way!

If you are planning an in-state elopement in Kansas then you are in luck because Kansas has many beautiful locations to elope. Whether you want to elope at a park, near a waterfall or at a ranch, you have many options. Most of the locations in Kansas are good for doing multiple activities like hiking, camping, horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding. You can even do more relaxed activities like watching the sunset, having a picnic and stargazing.

The locations are also easy to hike even if you were eloping with a group. Most locations are very accessible and permits are not required unless if you are having a very large group and you have set ups for your ceremony. It is best to choose a weekday for your elopement day because there are always activities happening in the park especially during the weekends. The best times to elope during the weekdays is around sunrise or sunset.

I have listed 8 beautiful locations you can elope in Kansas. From Cedar Bluff state park to one of the best waterfalls in Kansas,Cowley Falls – this list is full of stunning locations.

Kansas Parks to elope

Cedar Bluff State Park

Shawnee Mission Park

Flint Hills

Sand Hills

Kansas Lake and waterfalls to elope

Blue Lake Springs

Cowley Falls

Geary Falls

Prather Creek Falls

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