Top 6 Desert Elopement Locations

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In this guide I share my top 6 desert elopement locations. These locations are in Utah, California and Nevada.

1) Moab

Moab is a no-brainer when it comes to the best desert elopement locations. It is so stunning and there is a variety in landscapes. From arches, mesas, the red rock formations and more. It is the perfect place to elope if you love the desert and want to adventure. The best season to elope in Moab is in the fall.

2) Zion

Zion is another popular location for elopements and for good reasons. There are so many amazing hikes like Angel’s landing, Pa’rus Trail and more. Whether you are big on hiking or not, you will find a spot that is perfect for you in Zion. It can get very crowded during the weekends and holidays/breaks so I would recommend to elope in Zion on a weekday. Zion is a great place to elope during spring and fall.

3) Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree is the perfect place to be if you love the unique rock formations and trees. It is a very beautiful scenery to say your vows. You could also do activities like rock climbing, stargazing, off-roading and more. The best time to elope in Joshua Tree is in the fall.

4) Valley Of Fire

The pink canyons and sands of Valley of Fire are so fascinating and beautiful. There’s also the colored rocks of Rainbow Vista and unique red rock formations. This location is slightly underrated compared to the other desert locations mentioned. The best time to elope in Valley of Fire is in the spring and Fall.

5) Death Valley

This is another desert location that is absolutely stunning! There are some popular trails like Artist Palette the sand dunes. The best time to elope here would be October to mid- December.

6) Monument Valley

This location is perfect for adventurous couples. It is also perfect for a jeeping elopement, you can drive around until you find an interesting spot to explore and take photos. You can also find a unique spot to say your vows. The best time to elope here is also in the spring and fall.

If want to elope at one of these locations or any other desert location, reach out to me and let’s start planning your epic desert elopement! I love the desert and would love to help you plan your elopement at your favorite desert location.

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