Kansas + Utah Elopement Photographer

For the lovers who seek adventure and value experience


You want a unique wedding day experience over the extravagant traditional wedding

So, you are going to elope — I am beyond excited for you !

Extravagant traditional weddings are just not you. You don’t want the stress, all the pressure and expectations that come with it. Instead,you want a wedding day experience that is focused on just the two of you, your connection and adventure. You want a day that is intentional, authentic and fun!

But here’s the thing:

Planning an elopement can be overwhelming and you might not know where to start — no worries! That's where I come in.

Heyy,I’m Hawa!
 Your elopement photographer + experience guide 

As your elopement photographer,my main goal is for you to enjoy your day and have it be as stress-free as possible. My focus is to allow you to be your authentic self while you create a unique adventure and have fun. I will be there to help you plan it all as well as capturing all of your special moments and everything in-between. This way your photos will reflect who you two are and tell the unique story of your day.

Whether you want to elope in the desert, explore slot canyons and go off-roading at a national park 

You want to elope near a beautiful lake, go horseback riding then celebrate with your close family and friends afterwards

I will help you plan a customized experience that is completely for YOU — and yes! You'll get the most amazing photos as well!!


Hawa really went above and beyond for our photos! She does her research beforehand,even the location, to figure out the best angles and areas. She asked us questions to get a sense of what we liked and wanted and curated a set of poses based upon our answers. This was very nice especially if you're not sure how you want your photos to be. The photos also arrived quickly and were amazing! I really love my photos and it felt surreal knowing that these are the photos I will be looking at years down the line.She's a great photographer who takes their job serious. I would recommend her to anyone!

above &

"Hawa really went

Epiphany + Nash

I had an amazing couples photo shoot session with Hawaa! She is so sweet and down to earth when you meet her. Her skills as a photographer are phenomenal as she captures the perfect moments with you and your partner. Hawaa guided us through poses and everything felt so natural as she took the photos. The pictures came out beautifully digitally & on print. I’m very happy with how the whole experience turned out I would highly recommend Hawaa & her talent for photography!

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"I'm very happy with

Macy + CJ 

Along with your amazing photos, you will get...

You get unlimited consultation to craft your perfect day.When you have any ideas or concerns pop up — just shoot me an email! I am easy to reach. You don’t have to keep track of every idea that comes up in the planning process so you can have a low stress and memorable elopement day.

Unlimited Consultation 

Customized Timeline

Together, we will plan a full day timeline of all the activities you want to do and the locations you want to explore — planned to a tee, so you don't have to worry about it later.Instead, you will have time to focus on each other, be in the moment and actually remember the special moments of your wedding day.

Location Search

You tell me what type of backdrop and scenery you want and I will find you locations that match it. Then, based on the location you choose, I will figure out which times to get the best lighting so you can get STUNNING photos, look incredible and walk away with some unique sets of photos that will tell your story for years.

Vendor Suggestions

Forget hours of vendor googling that takes away from your  "me time" and use my trusted list of vendors. That way you don't spend hours going down the google rabbit hole and instead you can spend your time checking out your new local restaurant or binging Netflix.

Permit Assistance

I will make sure that you get your permits secured early so that task can be off your plate and you don't have to think about it — leaving you with plenty of time to plan and dream about your adventure.

And Here's a Bonus...

Why Do I Offer This ?

I will find hidden gems and discovering new locations that fit your vision perfectly!!

You won’t find many photographers that spend hours researching new trials and locations for couples to elope. I will find multiple backup locations in case of bad weather and unexpected events.I will also find locations that require less hiking if you want little to no hiking.

This insures that you will have all of the best location options for your elopement. Some locations are just too crowded and there are other locations not as known but just as stunning as the popular areas. We'll be well prepared for whatever comes up on your day.

All Packages Do include...

4+ hours of coverage 

Sneak peaks within 48 hours

Unlimited consultations  

photographer's travel included

Utah Elopement

Want to elope in Zion, Moab or any location in Southern Utah ? That's so exciting !!

Starting at $2,800

Kansas  Elopement 

Photographing locations within 4 hours of Kansas City 

Whether you want elope locally or have a micro-wedding in Kansas City and the Surrounding areas, I am ready to help you plan your dream day.

Starting at $2,000

I absolutely love photographing desert elopements. Let's start planning your dream desert elopement.

Let's Do It ! 

Let's Do It ! 

So, does this all sound exciting to you? Perfect! Here's what happens next.

Let's get started!

Submit Contact Form

Fill out the contact the to let me know some details about you, your partner, your story, your dream day.

Phone Call

Once I receive your contact form, I will reach out to you within 2 business days. Then we will schedule a video call so we can get to know each other better and to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. I get to learn more about you, your love story and how you envision your dream wedding.


After our phone call, if we find that we are a perfect fit- I will send over a contract and an invoice for you to sign and make things official!

Planning and Dreaming 

We will spend the next couple months going over all of the details of your elopement. This is the part you get to dream up and dream big about what your day will look like and I will finalize your customized timeline of all of your favorite activities and locations.

Get Married and Celebrate!

It’s your elopement day and you get to experience it at your dream destination with your favorite people.

The beauty in eloping is that you have the power to choose your adventure and it allows you to: 

Now you might be wondering… 

 What can we do for a full day elopement experience?  

Have the Just Us Moments: you have time to focus on each other, connect with each other, you get moments to be your true selves without any judgment

Take in the moment: you don’t have to rush through anything. You get ready at your own pace, hike at your own pace, say your vows at your own pace and really take in every moment.

Do Your Favorite Activities: whether that is eating some delicious food,hiking,ridingmotorcycles,horseback riding,painting, singing, dancing and honestly whatever your heart desires.

Try New Activities:
 maybe you haven't tried some of the activities I’ve listed and maybe there are some I haven’t listed that you have in mind, you get to try it all.

Include Family and Friends: you can invite your closest family and friends to celebrate with you and they can sign as your witnesses on your marriage license.

So, long story short, you get to do whatever you want!! That's the beauty of eloping.

Don’t worry, we are not going to be making awkward poses in front of the camera for hours. I really go for candid and documentary style photography. I may have prompts to help you relax a little bit in the beginning.

What if we are not big on hiking ?


You can absolutely do that! The maximum guest count that I am able to accomodate is 20. Keep in mind, the more guests you include the more limited your locations options become.

What if we want to include guests?


Don’t worry, we are not going to be making awkward poses in front of the camera for hours. I really go for candid and documentary style photography. I may have prompts to help you relax a little bit in the beginning.

What if we are awkward in front of the camera ?


I aim to deliver them as soon as possible but typically I will deliver them within 6- 8 weeks. I will also send you sneak speaks within the first week after your elopement.

How long will it take to deliver the gallery ?


Tell me all the details about you, your love story and your vision for your dream wedding by filling out the form below.