How to Elope in Zion National Park

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So, you want to elope in Zion National Park? I have all the details you need to plan a fun and beautiful elopement. Zion is one of my favorite locations, ever! There are so many great locations to get the most stunning photos.

Here’s what you need to know about planning your Zion elopement.


When you are eloping in Zion, a special use permit is required and it costs $100. Whether it is just the two of you or you are going to invite a group of family and friends, a special use permit is still required. You must apply for it at-least a month in advance to secure your permit. Find more information about eloping in Zion National Park and the application process.

The alternative to this is to have your ceremony outside of Zion then take your portrait photos inside of the park.

Officiant and Witnesses

You need an officiant to solemnize your ceremony and you also need two witnesses. Your Photographer can serve as one of your witnesses and another vendor if you elope without a group. If you do invite a couple family and friends then they can sign as your witnesses.

When to Elope in Zion

The best seasons to elope in Zion are the spring and Fall seasons. April,May, and September through November are all the best time to have your Zion elopement.

The Best Time and Day to Elope

The best time of day to elope in Zion is at sunrise or sunset because you won’t find the trails crowded and you also get the best lighting during those times. At sunset you get the beautiful golden hour photos and during sunrise you get blue hour which is just as beautiful as golden hour.

The best days to elope is during the weekdays. You get a lot of privacy on trials and never have to worry about crowds.Most wedding vendors are available during the weekdays as well.

Best Locations to Elope in Zion

Inside of the park some great spots are the Zion Overlook, Zion Slot Canyon,Angel’s Landing, Pa’rus Trail and more.There are also locations you can elope outside of the park and you wouldn’t need to pay for a special use permit. If you have your ceremony outside of Zion, you can still get stunning portraits inside of the park for free.

Fun Activity Ideas

  • Helicopter tours
  • Hiking
  • Explore slot canyons
  • Horseback riding
  • Off Roading
  • Jeep Tours

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Where to Stay and Eat?

I recommend to stay in Hurricane, it is about an hour away from Zion National Park but the airbnbs in the area are so beautiful and cost effective. St.George, and Springdale are also other good options for places to stay near Zion.

For Places to eat, there are a couple options to choose from like River Rock, RibAndChopHouse, Thai Sapa, La Fonda Grill and more.

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Transportation to Trials

There are shuttles in the park that you take to get to the trails but you can also ren private shuttles from local companies in St.George like Red Rock Shuttle.