How to Elope in Moab | Arches, Dead Horse Point Elopement Planning Guide

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Moab Utah is THE place to elope!

I am so excited that you are planning to elope in Moab! It is no secret that I love desert weddings and Moab is one of my favorite locations. It is the perfect location to be as adventurous as you wish while taking in the beautiful natural landscapes around you. There are the arches, the rock formations, mesas, slot canyons, waterfalls, rivers, hiking trials and much more to craft a fun and adventure filled day.

Choose Your Date

The first step in planning your Moab elopement is choosing your date. Once you have a set date then you find your Moab elopement photographer. I help couples with the planning process whether that is choosing a location, getting your permits or finding your vendors. I will help you choose a perfect spot that fits your needs.

Best Season to Elope in Moab

The best months to elope in Moab are March – May and September – November. Fall is the best season to elope in Moab, overall. Spring time is also a great option but there are chances for some light rain. The summer season is just too humid in the desert. If you do plan a summer elopement, I recommend eloping at sunrise or sunset. Winter in Moab is absolutely beautiful but you do need to take extra precautions driving to locations and while hiking. There are road closures and some local businesses might be closed for the season. But with that said, if you elope in the winter, you don’t have to worry about crowded locations and you will still find local businesses that are open.

Best day and Time to Elope

I recommend eloping during the weekdays to avoid crowds as much as possible.

Eloping at sunrise or sunset will allow for you to find a private area to say say your vows. Sunrise is the best time of day to elope in Moab. Imagine driving to trial early in the morning and hiking together to find a perfect spot to get star photos. You get to explore and enjoy the views without the noise and crowds. You get to say your vows at sunrise and get epic lighting and amazing photos.

Best Locations to Elope In Moab

After choosing your date the next step is to choose your ceremony location. Moab has so many great locations like Arches, canyonlands and Dead Horse Point. This part can be overwhelming but that’s why I’m here. I help couples choose a perfect spot based on your needs. Each couple is unique so I help you not only craft a perfect day but find locations that fits YOU. There are locations that aren’t as popular as the national parks but they are just as stunning.

here are a few of my favorite locations

  • Dead Horse Point, I absolutely love this location! The cliffs, the river flowing down below, the panoramic views, it is just STUNNING!
  • Arches, this is probably the most popular location. There are so many arch trials to explore and one of my favorites is the Sand Dune Arch Trial. This location is also perfect for stargazing and star photos.
  • Canyonlands, This is also another stunning locations with arches. The Mesa Arch and Island in the Sky are among the most popular spots to elope in the Canyonlands.
  • Castle Valley

All of these locations require a permit.

What to do on Your Moab Elopement Day

  • Hiking
  • Off-roading
  • Horseback riding
  • Visit national parks near Moab
  • Stargazing
  • Kayaking/canoeing

Here’s 50 Fun Things To Do On Your Elopement Day blog to get more ideas.

Getting to Moab Utah

There is an airport in Moab but there are also other major airports that are more cost affective.

  • CNY- Canyonlands, best option if you want to avoid driving.
  • SLC-Salt Lake City – roughly 4 hours away from Moab but it is a scenic drive.
  • DEN- Denver, 6 hours to Moab
  • LAS- Las Vegas, 8 hours drive to Moab

Where to Stay

There are plenty of hotels, airbnbs and yurts in Moab to enjoy your stay. If you really want an experience, Under Canvas is very popular.

How to Elope in Moab: Making It Official

Like Colorado, you file at the county clerk’s office and you can pick up your marriage license the same day. You do need an officiant to elope in Moab and two witnesses.

Ready to Plan Your Moab Elopement?

If you want to plan a desert elopement in Moab, reach out to me. Let’s start planning your perfect day!