Best Locations to Elope in Zion

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Zion is one of the most popular parks in Utah. From the most popular spots to the lesser known spots, I share with you, the best locations to elope in Zion National Park. Whether you are all for hiking or you just want to enjoy all of the views Zion has to offer, Zion has it all!

Zion Overlook

This is one of the best spots to get epic views of Zion. It is also a very popular spot to hike so I recommend eloping on a weekday if you want to hike this trail. This spot is perfect for a sunrise elopement because you get to have the spot to yourself and you get the beautiful sunrise lighting along with views and scenery.

Menu Falls

Zion has a lot of waterfall spots but Menu falls is one of the best! This is perfect if you want a combination of Red rocks and waterfalls.

Slot Canyons

There are slot canyons to explore in Zion and also outside of Zion. One of my favorite’s is Jenny’s Canyon Trail in Snow Canyon State Park.

Snow Canyon State Park

This location is overlooked since it is close to Zion. This is a perfect location if you want similar scenery to Zion without all the crowds.

Locations Outside of Zion

You can find cool spots near within 1-3 hours of Zion. Virgin, and Hurricane Utah have trails that are not known but are perfect for any type of shoot. I will help you find local hidden gems to say your vows and do activities you like. Every couple is unique so I will find a location that is perfect for your needs.

Eloping in Zion

Planning to elope in Zion? I will help you create a timeline and find the best locations to elope in Zion. Reach out to me to start planning your epic elopement in Zion National Park.