A Southern Utah Elopement

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T & C wanted to elope near joshua trees for their Southern Utah elopement. They got ready before sunrise and had cups of coffee. Then we drove to the trailhead at 5am. They did not plan for a very rainy elopement but the weather of southern Utah can be surprising. They were happy to elope despite the weather.They started their elopement day by exploring the Joshua trees. Then they got star photo portraits with a big Joshua tree behind them. Then, they started a fire and wrote their vows together. They exchanged jokes while writing their vows and stayed warm by the fire. They had plenty of time and privacy to write their vows. Afterwards, they said “ I do “ in front of their jeep. 

     They had a very private ceremony, as I photographed them from afar, hiding behind some Joshua trees and cactuses. They explored the area with their jeep and got some portraits before leaving the location to spend the rest of their wedding day with loved ones. 

Southern Utah elopements are usually in landscapes with red rocks but what most people don’t know is that Southern Utah also has Joshua Trees. They look a little bit different from the ones you see at Joshua Tree National park but the location is still as stunning. The major difference is there no rock formations but you can still get stunning photos with Joshua Trees of all sizes and forms. T & C chose to do something different for their elopement instead of going to one of the popular locations in Southern utah with red rocks for their elopement, they chose to go with a location full of joshua trees. They had an intimate sunrise ceremony and enjoyed their experience.

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